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Sleeping Mouth Guard

Are you clenching and grinding constantly at night? Is it causing you to wake up throughout the night and never getting the rest you deserve?  Image result for Grinding mouth sleep gif

The most effective solution for teeth grinding and clenching is  GrindGuard Sleeping Mouth Guard, a custom molded anti-grinding mouthpiece.  GrindGuard Sleeping Mouth Guard is  a simple yet effective device designed to help prevent your teeth from grinding and clenching when you're asleep.

When you grind and clench, you put tremendous stress on your teeth and jaw. This builds up stress causing morning headaches and jaw soreness.

Most dental guards currently available just  don’t get the job done. They are clunky, bulky, they fall out, they make the user drool, or they just simply don’t help.  Sound familiar?

That’s why we have created   GrindGuard Sleeping Mouth Guard , a patented product that combines a soft surface for comfort, a hard surface for durability, and a wedge design that relaxes the jaw muscles and relieves symptoms of bruxism!  Get the best grinding guard on the market today!

  • Comfortable.
  • Durable.
  • Easy, Customizable Fit.
  • Premium Performance.
  • Improves Occlusal Misalignment.