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Roller Brush for Paint 6 PCS/Set Wall Painting

Brand new
Material: polypropylene, aluminum rod, high density blanket cloth
Aluminum tube size: about 72cm
Color: as picture shows
Quantity: 6pcs per set
Get perfect results and masters both corners and molding.
Flocked edger and corner pad – cutting in has never been cleaner or easier.
Can paint any wall regardless of the degree of texture.
No dipping, no dripping and no mess, holds much more paint (1L) than regular rollers.
Less strain - no more bending over to roll in the paint tray.
Washable (for water-based paint only) - for easy clean up
3 Pieces Extended Pole with adapter, no need to climb up and down.
Package included:
1x Paint Roller
1x Flocked Edger
1x Easy-Pour Jug
3x Extended Poles
Please allow 1-3cm errors due to manual measurement
Item color displayed in photos may be showing slightly different on your computer monitor since monitors are not calibrated same

Do you love the look of the freshly painted wall ceiling or fence? But avoid painting because of those paint roller that drips and splatter? Animated GIF

Then what you really need is the all new  Premiere Decorative Paint Roller Set! With quick and easy professional paint system that can transform the look of the entire wall, ceiling or fence in just minutes with   NO DRIPING AND NO CONSTANT BACK AND FORTH TRIPS TO THE PAINT TRAY! 

No Drips.. No Mess.. No Splatter...

It's easy! Just f ill it up with your favorite paint (1L of paint) and you can have a wall painted in 5 minutes, or an entire room in just 20!!

You control how thick the paint is by how hard you press so all you'll ever need is one coat to get the job done.

Say Goodbye to  Time Consuming Prep Time!

Use the included Super Fine Flocked Edger, and Corner Cutter to quickly paint those tricky corners, or around switches outlets and door frames. Attach any broom stick or mop handle to extend the roller and paint a ceiling in a fraction of the usual time.

Perfect Distribution Every Time!

Our patented distribution system paints in a perfect, even coat every time.  No other paint roller available can compete with the versatility or performance of the  Premiere Decorative Paint Roller!

Easy To Use  & Fun  For The Whole Family!

The  Premiere Decorative Paint Roller is so simple and easy to use even your kids can help give a professional paint job to nearly any surface.

Works on Any Surface!

Skip the mess and have fun painting walls, decks, ceilings, and furniture with the whole family. Use indoor and outdoor; Or just cover up scuff marks and stains in seconds. The  Premiere Decorative Paint Roller can transform your entire home and raise it's value faster than you ever thought possible.

The Easier & Faster Way To Paint!

  • Less cost as you use less paint.
  • Less time climbing up and down a ladder.
  • Less strain - no more bending over to roll in the paint tray.
  • Cover a greater area faster and more evenly – perfect finish on any surface, rough or smooth.
  • More convenient as you don't have to move your dipping tray all the time.
  • Paint a wall in 5 minutes, an entire room in 20!


  • Self-contained and refillable roller - holds up to 1L of paint.
  • Washable (for water-based paint only) - for easy clean up.
  • Flocked edger and corner pad  – cutting in has never been cleaner or easier.
  • Patented distribution system with micro-fibre head - delivers an even coat that imitators cannot replicate.
  • Premiere Decorative Paint Roller adaptor – for ceilings and high walls, you can extend your reach with a threaded pole, or use a standard broom handle if you don’t have a threaded pole.

paint runner how to final.jpg

Less Cost.. Less Strain.. Less Time..

What's Included:

  • 1 x Premiere Decorative Paint Roller
  • 1 x Flocked Edger 
  • 1 x Easy-Pour Jug 
  • 3 x Extended Poles 

Product Specifications:

  • Transparent cup - 8cm x 15cm
  • Paint Roller - 19cm x 20cm (diameter - 9cm)
  • Handle rods - 72cm