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Leg Pillow D Shape Comfort Pillow

Half Moon Foam Cushion offer a therapeutic support.

With the soft memory foam, it you will have superior comfort and it contours perfectly to neck, lower back, knees and legs. Get relief from aches and pains when sitting or lying down for long periods of time!

Versatile design for customized support. 

The Soft 4 in 1  Half Moon Foam Cushion contours the shape of your body providing effective and firm support. This great pillow made with high-density memory foam cushions will help in reducing extra pressure and strain that can cause neck pain, back pain, hip pain or leg pain.Use this pillow for your lower back while sitting for long periods in the office or anywhere.

Place the 4 in 1  Half Moon Foam Cushion under your knees to lower back strain and leg pain or place between your knees for correct sleeping posture and spinal alignments.

The 4 in 1  Half Moon Foam Cushion makes and excellent cervical roll and relieves any neck pain. It's perfect for putting your feet up and relaxing to help ease leg muscle cramps and tired feet.The 4 in 1  Half Moon Foam Cushion comes with a comfortable and removable terrycloth cover.

You wake up sore every single day. Your neck hurts, your back hurts, even your legs and knees hurt. You get woken up throughout the night by leg cramps and muscle spasms; no matter how you lay, or how many pillows you use, you just can't seem to get comfortable or find any relief.

4-in-1  Half Moon Foam Cushion is the solution for you! This one amazing pillow eliminates the need to four kinds of pillows: Lumbar Pillow, Neck Support Pillow, Wedge Pillow, and a Knee Pillow. By alternating where you place the pillow, you alternate among the many therapeutic benefits this pillow has to offer.

  • When used under your head and neck, it creates spinal alignment and prevents neck strain.
  • Give your lower back a little extra support when sitting by placing the pillow behind you on a chair or in bed.
  • Place it between your knees for spinal alignment and to prevent your knees from rubbing together in the night, causing soreness.
  • You can also use this four-in-one pillow to elevate your feet and legs.

This will help prevent those painful leg cramps that wake you in the night, and will relieve some of the tension in your lower back, both preventing and relieving lower back pain. Being both hypoallergenic, and being comprised of a breathable material, this unique four-in-one pillow is a comfortable and wonderful addition to any bed the whole year through.

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