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Handheld Camera Stabilizer

  • PRO Handheld Video Camera Stabilizer, Motion smoothly, accurately with comfort grip omni-directional handle
  • Thanks to the superior "shake-free" design and construction provide "pro style" stabilization with less motion and shake compared to other handheld stabilizers. Shoot like a pro with our super-solid. Our custom lower arm "NO SLIP GRIP" material eliminates sway
  • Great for indie film makers looking to move their films to the next level. Shoot smooth motion shots in tight spaces, on stairs, through crowds, in cars, walking/running/skating etc.
  • For use with Point and Shoot, DSLRs,Video Cameras, GoPros, Smartphone and any other camera up to 2.1 lbs . Comfort grip handle, 3 separate counter-weights, for precise adjustments
  • With a flexible handle and universal ball head, comfortable non-slip hand, aluminum alloy material, lightweight and durable, 1/4" to 3/8" screw thread adapter included