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Hamster Water Bottle Food

Pet 80 ml 3 in 1 Hamster Water Bottle Food Container Pet Drinking Bottle With Food Containder for  Feeding Rest  Hamsters Rats Guinea-pigs Ferrets Rabbits Small Animals





1. The adoptive environmentally friendly PVC plastic is non-toxic, and smellless.
2. The triangular food container is cute, and easy for you to change food.
3. The support of bottle is steady and won't shake, which enables you to take it apart and change water easily.
4. It's a small nest for pets to rest, providing a quiet room for them to rest.
5. The vacuum bottom can be placed on the water bottle or the cage.


The whole product is a bit light, so that please place it on a non-slip pad, or put a heavy object inside the bottom to avoid its moving when pets have food and drink water.

Packing list:

Small pets water container * 1
80 ml drinking bottle * 1