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Flexible Tripod + Bluetooth Remote

Portable Mini Flexible Tripod  is a neat gadget for securely attaching your GoPro or Smartphone to almost anything! Gekkopod Flexible Phone Tripod is also small and light making it incredebly easy to carry around with you. With its bendable form you can change the structure of the Gekkopod Flexible Phone Tripod and capture a picture almost anywhere!

Makes a perfect gift for anyone who wants to capture a moment without the awkward camera angles or keep it for yourself to capture the perfect shot.


  • Compatible with smartphones, GoPros, and other sports cameras
  • Mini “tripod” with 5 flexible legs adapts to all needs
  • Can be bent and shaped to comfortably hold in your hand, stably stand on a surface, and securely grip to a branch or pole
  • Can also be used as a phone or tablet stand

Package included:

  • x1 Portable Mini Flexible Tripod