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Dust Cleaner Camera Cleaning Pen

This LensPen is a safe, effective, and convenient way to clean any digital camera lens or filter in seconds!

Perfect for wiping away dust, smudges, or fingerprints from your camera lens or viewfinder. LensPen is extremely easy to use and fits conveniently into camera bags or a shirt pocket. It also reduces statics build-up so you can get the highest quality shot everytime.

Using A LensPen:


- First extend the retractable brush and gently wipe away dust and any particles of grit. If the particles are hardened, breathe lightly on the surface of the lens and brush again with the lens pen.

- Use the cleaning tip to wipe away fingerprints and smudges. Carefully wipe the lens in a smooth, circular motion.

- Turn the cap half-way when replacing it. This replenishes the cleaning compound.


Lens pens can also be used on other optical equipment such as filters, eyeglasses, telescopes, binoculars or other items with a small area of glass.