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Camera Holster Hanger

Finally, the fun of photos without the hassle of dangling cameras and twisted straps. No more strap trouble when bending down.

What are your Benefits of Having The Dragonfly Camera Holster?

Comfort and Good for Travel -  Fits in the palm of your hand, can easily be packed in a travel bag or purse and is rather discrete when worn. Get your shots while keeping a low   profil , ready to travel. Weight is also distributed evenly, steady and anti-shock.

  • Safety of Your Camera -  Made of Black Hard Plastic Camera Belt Buckle Button.
  • Easy To Use -  Disassembled quickly.


  • Locking ring material: Metal, Hard Plastic.
  • Compatibility All DSLRs cameras.
  • Weight Capacity: 10 kg
  • Size: 85 x 75 x 20 mm (L x W x H)