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Bird Feeder Outdoor


The feeding ports have sturdy metal perches that allow birds to feed comfortably.

The six perch/feeding station set-up,makes this feeder one of the most economical and convenient on the market! 



- Attracts wide variety of clinging/perching birds

- Designed and constructed to last a lifetime

- Saving you time and money on seed and feeders

- Tube resists weather cracking and impact breakage

- Stainless steel hanger allows the feeder to hang securely

- Can use at outdoor, park and balcony



- Colors: Red, Yellow

- Material: Stainless steel+ PVC +PP

- Size:  Height: 38cm ,Diameter: 14cm



Bird feeders should be cleaned at least every two weeks. For best results wash your feeder thoroughly in soapy water, and keep in mind that dry the feeder thoroughly before refill in.



1 X Bird Feeder Outdoor Pet Wild Food Container Park Garden Home Rearing Holder Birds Supplies



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