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Better Back Corrector

Better Back Corrector is a ideal device that totally relieves your back pain by correcting your sitting posture. Wearing it for over 15 minutes a day to retrain your body’s default posture from now on. Better Back Corrector posture straightener allows you to effortlessly sit ergonomically in any chair. Wearing it at your desk, on a plane, watching a game or even while you meditate, wear it any time that you have to sit.


  • This waist protector is definitely a good helper for office workers' waist care;
  • Waist protector relieves your back pain by changing your sitting posture;
  • It can correct your body’s default posture and make your waist more slender.


  • Net Weight: 300g
  • Color: Black
  • Size: Approx 20.6*6.8*20.3cm

Package Includes:
x1 Better Back Corrector